Visa information
Visa Application Process

All applicants willing to apply for a Schengen or National visa are requested to obtain a prior appointment to the Visa Application Centre in the respective Consular region.

Please also note, that each applicant who wants to apply for a visa has a possibility to submit an application directly in the Consulate, upon the condition of prior registration on the website

Reason for acceptance documents:
  • National visa - official registration in the appropriate consular district.
  • Schengen visa - documents confirming the fact of work or study in the appropriate consular district, registration in the appropriate consular district.

Applicants who are registered in the Lugansk or Donetsk region can apply for a visa in any VAC in Ukraine under the terms of having one of the documents listed below:

  • In case of applying for a national visa: a certificate which confirms the relocation from Donetsk or Luhansk region.
  • In case of applying for a Schengen visa:
    • documents confirming work in the relevant consular district
    • documents that confirm the fact of study in the relevant consular district
    • certificate, which confirms the relocation from  Donetsk or Luhansk region

    Consular competency:

    • Kiev Consular jurisdiction: Kiev, Cherkassy, Chernihiv, Kirovograd regions
    • Lviv Consular jurisdiction: Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpatskyi region
    • Lutsk Consular jurisdiction: Rivne, Lutsk and Ternopil region
    • Vinnytsya Consular jurisdiction: Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa, Zhytomyr, Chernivtsi region
    • Kharkiv Consular jurisdiction: Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltavski, Sumy, Donetsk, Lugansk and Zaporozhe region
    • Odessa Consular jurisdiction: Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Crimea region

    Step 1: Know yourvisa type and check whether you are eligible to apply for a visa at the respective Visa Application Centre. In case you want to apply for a short period of stay (up to 90 days during the next 180) – you should obtain Schengen visa. In case you would like to apply for a longer period of stay (more than 91 day during the next 180) – you should ask for a national visa. In case you are looking for a Local Border Area card – please click here. Please make sure that you possess all documents required for the visa category selected by you.

    Step 2: Service Fee payment
    Visit nearest Kredo Bank or Idea Bank branch in order to prepay VAC service fees.
    During the prepayment ensure you are eligible to apply at the VAC you are choosing. Visa Application Ceneters accept applications based on the Consular Jurisdictions mentioned above.

    Prepayment of the Service Fee can be done only in mentioned banks. Payments made in other banks will not be considered and processed for the further appointment scheduling.
    List of the bank branches:
    KredoBank -
    IdeaBank -
    Service Fee can be paid by the applicant in person only. Exemptions: parents for minor children (under 18 years old) and spouses for each other (in case documents proving family ties are provided in original during the payment: internal and international passports of each person, marriage or birth certificate – for a child).

    Please note that during the payment you will need to provide cashiers with the following:

    • Serial and number of the international passport into which visa will be issued
    • Name and Surname in Latin as per the international passport
    • Current and available phone number for contacting you in case necessary, and from which you will call to the Call Centre if decided to schedule an appointment to VAC through the Call Centre.
    • VAC location and Visa Category you are applying for

    * Note: there is no possibility to prepay the Service Fee at the banks situated inside of the Visa Service Centers. Payments are taken only in the bank branches situated outside of the VAC premises

    While making payment please check all the data carefully, since receipts issued by Kredobank or IdeaBank which will contain mistakes, will not be taken into consideration for the appointment’s scheduling for the documents submission to the VAC. In case if mistakes in name, surname or passport’s number will be found, please inform the cashier, so the same will be changed and new receipt will be issued. The receipt will contain a unique number, name, surname, passport number, your phone number, VAC and visa category you are applying for.

    Step 3: Scheduling of appointment
    Scheduling of Appointment to the Visa Application Centre is possible 24 hours after payment was made. For the same you need:

    • Visit our website  OR
    • Call the Call Centre on +38 044 5955151, +38 032 2984410, + 38 032 2424564, +38 050 4193010; + 38 067 3430480, +38 093 1755503 Monday to Friday 08.00 till 22.00 (excluding weekends and holidays followed by the Consulate General of Poland, payment for calls depends on the tariffs of your operator
      Important: the connection with operator of Call Centre is possible only from that phone number which you specified in the bank office while paying for service fee.

    Provide operator or insert data by yourself:

    • Your unique number generated by the bank and present on the bank receipt
    • Your Name , Surname , Serial and number of international passport

    All information provided by you needs to match with the data in your passport / bank receipt.
    Note: PTN is activated during working days only.
    To see instructions on the appointment scheduling via website – please click here.
    Important to note: appointment can be booked / rescheduled / cancelled by the applicant individually, spouses for each other or parents for minor children.

    • In case if data provided by you while scheduling an appointment will not match with the data in your receipt - appointment cannot be scheduled.
    • Receipt cannot be passed to third persons. Only the applicant whose details are mentioned in the receipt is allowed to use it for scheduling.
    • We suggest you to make the appointment using the unique number within 2 months after payment date. The receipt is considered valid for 3 months after payment date.
    • The receipt can be used for scheduling an appointment only once


    Step 1: Determine the purpose of the trip to Poland and prepare set of needful documents.

    • In case of short stays (90 days during the next 180 days) You should apply for a Schengen visa
    • In case of long stay (91 day during the next 180 days) You should apply for a national visa.

    For more information about Schengen visa - click here for a national visa - click here.

    Prepare complete set of documents as per requirements before application submission. List of necessary documents you can find following the link  

    Step 2: Make a prepayment.

    After preparing set of needful documents, visit any bank of the Kredo Bank or Idea in person. The payment is taken based on the origin of your international passport. In case of registration for spouses/minors, you have to provide and proof of relationship.

    During the payment it is necessary to:
    A) select a category visa:
            C - Schengen visa, purposes other than tourism, such as business, sports, culture, medical treatment, visits, international transport, transit, etc.
            T - Schengen tourist visa
            D - National visa (i.e. work, study)
    B) choose VAC
    C) your personal phone number.

    After payment you will receive a unique code for registration PTN.

    Please ensure that you give correct and valid contact number. If contact phone number provided is incorrect or does not belong to you, registration will be impossible, and you will have to apply for a refund.

    You can make one payment at a time for one person. Multiple payments will not be considered by the system and you will need to take a refund in case there is an appointment for a future date already existing.

    Step 3: Next working day post payment is done banking code (PTN) will be activated through the automatic registration system. Appointment date and time will be offered automatically by the automatic registration system and will depend on the free seats available in the system and not earlier than 7 days. Note, Call Centre operators have no influence and cannot correct / change automatically reserved appointment date and time. To check your PTN status, please click here.

    Step 4: Once appointment date is settled, call center operator will contact you over the phone from 9:00 till 21:00 from Monday till Sunday, except of holidays, for further confirmation.

    Step 5: Once you are contacted by call center operator, you will be informed on the date and time offered for an appointment at the VAC.  If you confirm this date, appointment will be scheduled by operator. On the date of appointment you will have to submit your documents in the VAC personally.   

    Step 6:  If offered appointment date is not suitable for you, operator will cancel registration. Next appointment date will be selected by the system not earlier than 7 days from the first proposed date and will depend on availability of the free seats. Expect the next call from the call center operator with information about the second proposed system date.

    Step 7:   During next call from Call Center, operator will inform you about the second automatically appointed day and time offered by the system. Once you accept this date, appointment will be confirmed by operator in the system. On the date of appointment scheduled you will have to submit your documents in the VAC.

    If you reject the second appointment date, your PTN number will be deactivated and you will have to apply for a refund of the payment in the VAC. Simultaneously you may prepay the Service Fee again in order to receive new appointment in case necessary.

    Appointment scheduling process is automated and Call Center operators have no influence on this. The date and time of the appointment is provided automatically based on the payment of the fees at the bank. Once contacted by an operator, you can either accept the scheduled date or reject it. Call Centre operators or VAC staff cannot correct / change dates offered by the system. Selecting a specific date for your appointment, on the website or through the call center is no longer possible

    Maximum number of applicants prepaying the fee as a family is considered of 5 applicants. Each and every next applicant should provide his / hers own phone number. All the members of a family should apply at the same VAC and for the same Visa Categories. If you apply for a different Visa and at a different Visa Centre, please make a payment separately.

    To check the reason for the appointment reschedule in case you did not receive a call from the Call Center please call on +380 443907953. Note: operators do not schedule appointments on this number and general information can be received on the usual Call Centre line.

    In case you do not receive a call in about 3 days from the date your payment had been successfully activated, please check status of your appointment on the website - click here.

    If the status code is active for registration - this means that the date is not yet reserved and should expect changes status.

    If the date is already reserved, please expect a call the operator to confirm the date of registration. For more information please call into the Call Center.

    Please note, that applicants who paid before 20 of January 2017 (Lutsk, Kharkiv and Odesa Consular Disctricts) will have a possibility to schedule an appointment in a previous format, using website or Call Centre (+38 044 5945496, +38 032 2984410, +38 032 2424564, +38 050 4193010,+ 38 067 3430480 and +38 093 1755503) for the appointment scheduling. Such PTN will remain valid for 90 days after payment date and all PTN’s which will be not used will be deactivated automatically.

    Appointment should be booked by each applicant personally.

    Step 1: Application submission
    Visit Visa Application Centre as per appointment scheduled and submit your completed Application Forms along with required supporting documents. On the day of submission of the visa application it is required to provide the original of receipt for the service fee payment.

    Step 2: Pay applicable Visa Fees / LBAT Fees
    Submission Officer will advise you on total payable amount and guide you to the bank cashier where you will need to pay all required fees: Visa/LBAT Fee needs to be paid in Euros or in local currency (UAH), in case you order courier delivery of your passport – in local currency (UAH). Separate receipt will be provided for all payments made at the cashier counter. Step 6:

    Step 3: Biometric collection
    In case you are applying for C visa, please proceed to the biometric booth for biometric data collection after you pay relevant Visa fee. If you are applying for a D visa you do not need to provide your biometric data.

    If you have not submitted documents or PTN was deactivated etc. you may apply for the fee refund: 

    • Go to the nearest Visa Application Centre in person.
    • Write a request to refund the Service Fee.
    • Provide staff with original of banking receipt proving prepayment of the Service Fees, your internal / international passport.
    • VFS Global will verify the details and provide banks with instructions to conduct a refund
    • Bank will send you a notification with the transaction code in the SMS
    • To collect refunded fees at the bank please carry your internal passport and original of your receipt / SMS with the transaction code.
    • Fee refund is conducted during starting from 10 working days
    • Each applicant can make another prepayment once his/  her PTN had been deactivated.

    Terms of Services provided by the Visa Application Centre to Poland to the applicants can be found here.
    Additional information may be found here.
    Note: The unique number cannot be used for scheduling an appointment twice to Poland Visa Application Centers.
    To find the list of all the Visa Application Centers for Poland and learn more about the territory competency of all the Consulates General of Poland in Ukraine – please click here.


    Once you submitted the documents at the VAC they are sent to the respective Consulate for further processing and decision making (within next 6 working days). The time for processing visa applications is 6 working days (not including day of submission) from the date of receipt of documents by Consulate.

    In individual cases, notably when further scrutiny of the application is required, the time for taking a decision on a visa application may be extended up to 30 calendar days.

    We advise applicants to apply for the visa approximately 4 weeks before their date of travel.

    After documents are returned back to the VAC you will receive an SMS with the status of the passport (in case this service is ordered). Passport status can be also checked on this website or at Call Centre.

    Passport collection timings at the Visa Centre: Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 15:30

    In order to collect the passport please carry:

    Applicant by himself: ICR issued during documents submission and internal passport
    Parents for minor children: ICR issued during documents submission, internal passport and originals of the documents proving family tie
    Spouses for each other: ICR issued during documents submission, internal passport and originals of the documents proving family tie

    Terms of Services provided by the Visa Application Centre to Poland to the applicants can be found here.

    Additional information may be found here.

    Note: The unique number cannot be used for scheduling an appointment twice to Poland Visa Application Centers.

    While documents submission you may order courier delivery of your processed passport.

    If the applicant does not appear to pick up his passport from VAC within ninety (90) days from the date of visa application was finished by CG. Passport will be returned to the Consulate General of Poland for storing and it further subsequent transfer to Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.