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Important! Learn about new appointment system for Kyiv Poland Visa Application Centre effective 3 October 2016 here.

Phone numbers used by the Call Centre to contact the applicants who prepaid the services after 3.10.2016 to Kiev:

+380 931701648; +38 032 2362596; +380 443907967.

Phone number you may contact to check reason for the appointment rejection if operator did not contact you to confirm it:

+380 443907953

Note: there is no possibility to book an appointment on this number or receive other information.

Schedule your appointment date for submitting your application at the Visa Application Center in all other Visa Application Centers

Please note that scheduling on the website is possible 24hr per day and every day including weekends and holidays

To see instructions on the appointment scheduling via website – please click here.
Please click here to schedule an appointment. Appointment can be booked / rescheduled / cancelled by the applicant individually or parents for minor children.
Note: scheduling of appointment is possible 24 hrs in advance before next day till 15:30

Important information: in case you received confirmation letter which contains less number of applicants you were scheduling, you are requested to complete registration process once again for those applicants who were not registered. Please take a note – applicants not registered for the application submission will not be accepted at the VAC.
Important to note:

“LBAT” category is for use only by applicants willing to obtain Local Border Traffic Area permit. Applicants willing to apply for obtaining a visa, but will have a scheduled appointment for “LBAT” visa category will not be accepted at any VAC.
“Schengen Tourism” category is for use only by applicants willing to obtain tourist Schengen visa to Poland. Applicants willing to apply for obtaining a visa, but will have a scheduled appointment for “Schengen Tourism” visa category will not be accepted at any VAC.

Re-scheduling of an appointment is possible only though the call centre. Please make sure that you re-schedule your appointment in case you do not come to apply at Poland Visa Application Centre. Please also note that re-scheduling / cancelling an appointment is only possible within 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.
*for Visa Application Centers at Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhgorod, Ternopil, Lutsk and Rivne re-scheduling / cancelling an appointment is only possible within 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.
Please click here to reprint confirmation letter
Please click here to track you appointment
Please click here to check earliest appointment date Important to note : first available date shown on this page is the date available for scheduling at the Call Centre. However, while calling the Call Centre next available date may be changed due to the activity of the applicants

Please note that if you were not able to schedule your appointment online or the available appointment date online is not suitable for you, you may also schedule your appointment to the VAC via Call Centre on the following phone numbers:
+38 044 5955151
+ 38 032 2351776
+ 38 032 2424564
+38 050 4193010
+ 38 067 3430480
+38 093 1755503
08:00 – 22:00, Monday to Friday
Please note: you are requested to contact the Call Centre for appointment scheduling personally and only from that phone number which you specified in the bank office while paying for service fee.

Important: if your phone number is not mentioned on the list of phone numbers provided while service fee prepayment, then it is impossible to connect with the operator of Call Centre.

Please note that all information mentioned while booking appointment has to be correct, otherwise documents will not be accepted for processing. Also make sure that you chose correct visa category you are applying for. In case if you have chosen a wrong visa category your documents might not be accepted.

Please note that multiple unsolicited attempts which indicate misuse of the Call Centre service for commercial benefits will render this service inaccessible to the frequent calling number. We request you to limit the frequency of calls in order to allow other callers to avail this service in a fair and transparent manner.

Please note that in order to submit your documents for a visa to Poland you need to apply in the respective VAC. To check territorial competency – click here

For any further information, please write to us at:

Information Email ID VAC Location Ivano-Frankivsk
Kiev Odessa Lutsk
Rivne Kharkiv
Dnipropetrovsk Khmelnytskyi

For any feedback / complaints, please write to us at:
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